About the Quartzsite Shows

The inaugural Quartzsite RV Show opened on January 28th, 1984 at the corner of Hwy 95 (now Central) and Business 10 (now Main Street) in Quartzsite, Arizona. With just 60 exhibitors and a small tent, the "new show in town" was still very popular since the majority of the people in Quartzsite we're RVers. In 1987 the show, now re-named The Quartzsite Sports, Vacation & RV Show, moved up the street to the Quartzsite Trailer Park which was situated directly across from the major attraction in town, and is still "The straw that stirs the drink in Quartzsite", The Quartzsite Pow Wow. For the next several years the Quartzsite Sports, Vacation & RV Show enjoyed a tremendous run and2006_QZ_Photos_087.jpghuge crowds, with the largest crowds of all, showing up during the 5-day Quartzsite Pow Wow. This new home for The Quartsite Sports, Vacation & RV Show lasted 10 years, and the RV Show grew to a point where their current 3.5 acre show site could barely hold the number of exhibitors that were now vying for exhibit space at this very popular annual event.

In 1997 the "BIG TENT", as the show had become known by most everyone, moved across the I-10 freeway to it's present home, just 1/2 mile South of I-10 on Arizona State Hwy 95. ( now S. Central) The new 20 acre facility, a former dry campground, was just what the doctor ordered for the expanding show. At that time in Quartzite, parking was almost impossible to find, legally. With the new Quartzsite Sports, Vacation & RV Show show grounds, the show was able to offer over 15 acres of public parking and the promoters, Kenny King and Mal Mallory, made the decision to offer their parking FREE to the public, while many other of the shows in town were already starting to charge to park. It was obviously a wise decision as in 1997, the first year at the new site, a major change in traffic patterns occurred. During the major show days at Quartzsite that year, the infamous Quartzsite traffic jams that once clogged Main Street from one freeway off ramp to the other, shifted to the "South Side" of town. Luckily, the new Quartzite RV Show's show grounds had front and rear access. While the traffic was still terrible, the ability to flow the traffic through the Quartzsite RV Show's show grounds made it somewhat manageable. The new, and permanent, home of the Quartzsite Sports, Vacation & RV Show was a HUGE success!

 During the summer of 1998, the promoters finally settled a long and contentious litigation surrounding their purchase of the land. Once they were able to get free and clear title to their new show grounds, they immediately began upgrading the facility for the 1999 shows. In return for supplying the major portion of the water necessary to complete the re-paving project of Interstate 10, from the California border to Quartzsite, almost 18 acres of asphalt millings were laid down on the Quartsite RV Show's show grounds. This was a major improvement and helped control the dust problem. 

 The promoters also added a sewage treatment area to facilitate better service for the 200+ exhibitor RVs camping on the Quartzsite RV Show's show grounds. New and upgraded electrical service was added to the northern and southern borders of the Quartzsite RV Show's show grounds as well. We're talking about a major electrical upgrade here, or as the head electrician from Trade Show Electric of Los Angeles, CA, who wires the show stated; "They're probably capable of powering up most of Quartzsite in a pinch!" Permanent water service was also installed throughout the Quartzsite RV Show's show grounds for the numerous food concessions and "live-aboard" exhibitors. What was, only six months earlier, a barren piece of desert, is now a facility that is comparable to many smaller fairgrounds across the country. Just prior to the 1999 shows, a foot-traffic gate was opened between the Quartzsite Shows show grounds and the 23 acre facility of The Tyson Wells Sell-A-Rama, the premier Rock, Gem and flea market in Quartzsite. Just like, "back in the old days", when the RV Show was situated across from the Quartzsite Pow Wow, the Quartzsite RV Show and Tyson Wells now share in the huge amount of traffic that each show attracts, by allowing a safer and shorter route for the public to navigate between these two major venues.

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