Exhibitor's FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Exhibiting at the Quartzsite Sports, Vacation & RV Show

Exhibitor FAQs

 -Event Location? 700 S. Central,Quartzsite,AZ 85346(20 miles east of the California border at Blythe,CA on I-10.

 -Nearest major airport? Phoenix, AZ. is approx. 130 miles east. Palm Spring is 125 miles west and offers limited flights.

 -Event hours? 9AM -5PM

 -Number of Exhibitor spaces? Approx 400 individual indoor and outdoor spots 

-Average consumer attendance? 100K – 150K (Estimate)

 -Are there, both, indoors and outdoors exhibit areas? YES

 -Pricing for a 10 x 10, indoor, and other Outdoor locations? Here is a link to our application. Larger, bulk exhibit areas are available by quotation only.

-Insurance Requirements (Send to you or keep copy in booth?) Yes. Send to us. (All of this info will be included in your move-in package in September or go to https://securevendorinsurance.com/NFP

 -Is flooring required? No. Astro turf carpet throughout indoor floor plan  

 -Exhibitor badges and parking? Are they included? If not how much? YES

 -Electricity included in each 10 X 10 booth or extra? YES (10 AMPS)

 -If someone else needs to be contacted regarding electricity, please provide contact information. Only if more than 10 AMPS is required. (All of this info will be included in your move-in package in October or go to http://quartzsitervshow.com/rv/move-in-instructions

 -Are Tables and/or Chairs included or extra? EXTRA  

 Do you offer canopy rentals? Yes, by quotation only. Canopies are available with turf carpeting, and/or all 4 side walls.

Do you offer any installation areas on the show grounds? Yes. We have our “Service Bay” area adjacent the parking area, and includes a 20’ x 40’ x 14’ canopy with 3 sides and a “staging area” where the next scheduled customer can wait. 

 Is there WIFI service available during the show? Yes, there is optional WIFI service available during the event in the actual selling area, however, not in the surrounding parking and camping areas, to insure a higher quality and consistent signal for vendors during business hours. This optional service order form will be included in your move-in package in September.

-What are the Move-In Days? Exhibitors may start moving onto their respective locations on the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday prior to the show opening on that Saturday.